Optional: Obtaining your MemoHub Certificate

First of all, congratulation on completing the program. I really hope that you not only enjoyed it but most importantly that it was useful for you 🙏.

If you want to receive your MemoHub certificate, which is optional, you need to send me the investment memo you’ve written and finalized.

The requirements are the following:

  1. Your memo should be finalized and polished (I will not validate a draft or a half-finished document).
  2. Your memo should include your analysis of the eight sections we’ve covered in the program (need, market, product, distribution, business model, team, competition, and traction).
  3. Your memo should be 10 pages maximum long.
  4. For the competition section, a designed startup landscape is not required. You can share your categorization and list of competitors as a bullet list with subsections.
  5. You can send me your memo only two times. If the first time I don’t validate it, you have a second chance to work on it and send me the updated version.
  6. You should send me your memo only when it’s ready. If it’s finished two months after the end of this program, that’s fine. There is no time limit.
  7. Your memo should be written in English or French (sorry I don’t read other languages).

What are my criteria to validate a memo?

  1. All the requirements listed above need to be fulfilled.
  2. I will evaluate the quality of your analysis, how precise you are, your capacity to synthesize your findings and your ability to share a clear opinion about the startup you’ve analyzed.
  3. The startup you’ve chosen is not an important factor. If you pick a company and through your analysis realize that it’s not a great investment, that is totally fine as long as your memo is coherent. What is important is your analysis and not the company you pick (obviously don’t pick companies such as Facebook or Google…).

Since my name and reputation are at stake, the bar I set is pretty high and I will not issue a certificate if your memo is not of high quality. So yes, the bar is high, but anyone can achieve it if you work hard enough 👍

Once you’re ready, you can send me your memo here: [email protected]



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