Tasks of the day

1- As explained in the "A framework & methodology to write an investment memo" video, write down all your positive 👍, negative 👎 and questions 🤔 that you have about the startup you’ve picked. Without doing too much research, be spontaneous. Write it down in the corresponding section of your memo template.

2- After watching the video “Startup Lifecycle & Investment Expectations” and reading the pitch deck, according to you where in the cycle do you think the startup you are analyzing is?

  1. If it’s at the validation stage, what do you think has been validated so far in terms of market, product and marketing?.
  2. If it’s at the PMF stage, what do you think is needed for them to reach the scaling phase (again from a market, product or marketing perspective).

(For #2 no need to go into details, a couple of bullet points are enough)

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