Tasks of the day


After reading your pitch deck, describe as concisely (but precisely) as possible:

  1. The problem (or set of problems) that the company goes after.
  2. Who the main users/customers of the product are a.k.a customer segmentation. If there are different personas (for example when the users are different from the buyers), list the major ones.
  3. The main value propositions for each user segment.

Hint: you should describe the above elements only using your pitch deck, and not complementary materials (like your website).

Hint 2: you can fill the table shared in the memo template.


In a couple of paragraphs or bullet points, give your opinion about the problem, the users and the value propositions:

  • Did you understand clearly what problem the company goes after? Do you think this problem is a “must-have or a “nice-to-have”?
  • Did you understand clearly which users or customers are targeted? What do you think of these customer segments?
  • What do you think of the value proposition(s) of the product?

You can write your answers in your memo template.